Can all these thing happen at 2-3 weeks pregnant?

I took a test 4 days ago and there was a faint line, my tummy is swelling out and I can't suck it in, I have got symptons, can all these thing happen at 2-3 weeks pregnant??
(this is my third pregnancy but first baby)

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the stomach swelling could just be regular bloating which happens early in pregnancy...nothing to worry about, and I have heard of stories where some people do expeiance symptoms really early!
but if your still concerned, take another test and make a doctors appointment.

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You should take 3 test. possibly ones that actually say if your pregnant or not (using words). Not the colour changing ones. Your stomach wouldn't be swelling so early though.

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Swelling usually doesn't happen until around 14-16weeks in unless you have twins or triplets etc and then it can happen sooner but I doubt it would be before 8weeks. It may just be constipation or water retention (which you get from not drinking enough water or drinking way too much).
You can definately get symptoms like feeling ill, needing to urinate more, headahces, feeling faint etc. this early, but not a bump.
Home pregnancy tests are only around 90% accurate if it gives a negitive result. Go to the doctors and get a blood test done as they are more accurate.
Hope this helps x

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I would say a faint line means you are more then likley pregnant.

did you miss a period yet,
Most of the time you are already 4 weeks pregnant before you even know, this is the amount of time from the first day of your last period to the time you are late for your next one, then you pee on a stick and it should tell you yes or no
I bought first resonse 4 pack it had 3 regular test and ONE digital and IT was not expensive at all. got it at walmart
I am now 25 weeks

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you should try the digital pregnancy tests.
they're expensive but affordable.
but they're also more accurate.

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yes, my sister has had 5 kids, you should go to the doctor

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It's possible - take another test, perhaps?

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