Help!!! place where i can talk to an online police officer free?

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well it all depends whats going on if you can or not if ure being raped and would like to report it yes but if its nothign mager then no

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I don't think so..why would u???

what does it mean when somebody says help me help you?

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I would tend to doubt it. But, you can call the Business line for the police department in your city and they may help you. Keep in mind that they usually won't give you "legal advice" but they may be able to supply the answers you seek.

Just look in the front section of your phone book for the police department office number (not the 911 number).

If the question/problem is domestic/family related, you might also check out your state's local child protective services agency in your city.

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How to get out of a big lie, without telling the truth?

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