Haven't been really eating and I always seem to be sad

Lately I haven’t been really eating and I always seem to be sad but most of the time I dont really have a reason to be sad I just get sad, and I haven’t been feeling good and everytime I try to be happy all I think is who am I fooling with this smile? With the eating I only eat once in a while during the day then I dont eat for the rest of the day I know I should eat but I just can’t .. And I have cried myself to sleep a lot and I dont know whats wrong with me.. It’s weird… And im having a hard time sleeping

Answer #1

eat. even if you dont feel like it. if you dont feel like using the bathroom you still have to. so eat. and try to find some friend you can hang out with that always make you laugh yourself to tears.

Answer #2

How old are you? Are you old enough to drive yourself to a doctor. What your saying does not sound healthy. You are worried about yourself, depressed, and obviously worried about your parents as well. You need to talk to someone. Do you have a family member or close friend you could confide in?

Answer #3

I dont want to tell my parents though… they have enough problems that they dont need mine on top of it… I want to do this on my own and I’ve tried to eat more often but I can’t… I dunno nothing ever sounds good and I dont want to eat

Answer #4

You need to talk to your parents if you still live with them, and try and see a doctor. It sounds like you have some sort of depression/anxiety order. If you are so concerned that you are asking other’s for advice, it would be wise to consult a dr or psychiatrist. Good luck.

Answer #5

Malnutrition can cause depression…

Answer #6

I think your depression is causing you not to eat. I’m the opposite when I get depressed I turn into a little piggy ^^;;, so consider yourself lucky :p hmm wait…I should add that the second part and beyond were a joke.. but yea. you should really seek some help.. go to a doctor, and they might refer you to a psychiatrist. They’re really helpful. I’ve been seeing mine for a few months now, along with taking medication; they’ve both really been helping me, so maybe they’ll be good for you too. =) good luck

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