I think my dog is dying

HELP! I think my dog is dying: he is not eating but is drinking, his ears and paws are cold,he has 3 tumers on his left ear, he is shivering, and is walking very cold. please help he might be dying. HELP!

Answer #1

THE VET!!! THE VET!!! THE VET!!! Something that could have been SO minor, could now be so very critical!!!


Answer #2

whoa! I don’t know if he is dying but you need to take it to the vet, whenever your animal stops eating is not a good sign. If you truly think its dying, the most you can do is just lay by it until it passes IF that is whats happening. But you need to take it to the vet asap, call the animal emergency line.

Answer #3

omg is it all ok now ?

Answer #4

how old is your dog?

Answer #5

Take him to an Animal Hospital or Vet’s office asap.

Answer #6

Im really srry =( Idkk what I’d dew if mii tew doggies died…Well all you can dew is take hym tew the vet I hope all goes well I hope he’s okayy =(

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