If you wear a really tight belt will your stomach shrink?

is this really true:

I've found that if you tie a belt really tightly(or a corsette) around your waist and wear it constantly, your stomache will shrink up to 4 sizes. and as for getting your butt bigger if you take estrogen pills that should take care of that

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the corset thing will work, but it's difficult to breather while you wear ti, and you have to wear it constantly to make it train your waist. it'd be faster to just lose the weight. I don't know about estrogen pills, but it makes sense. it'll probably make your boobs grow, too.

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corsettes and belts wont mak your butt bigger
they cant push fat around your body
all theyll do is maybe flattern your stomatch or make it thinner
eostrogen pills are a bad idea
when you put more eostrogen in your body it can end up messing it up badly
and if you have breast cancer already the pills are going to make it grow
resulting in likely death

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It is strange how differently people react to tightness around the belly. I don't care how tight my belt is. However, my husband is so sensitive about it! Once he had a furuncle on his side, so I put some medicine and bandage on it and to press it a bit tied a belt on his belly just at the level of his navel. The belt was tight, of course, but not too tight, the way I see it. When I was tightening the belt, my husband screamed with pain, and during the night he was constantly touching his belly and breathing fast. Next morning my husband looked miserable and was complaining all the time how much it hurt and how deep the belt was digging into his belly. For the medicine to work he had to wear the bandage for two days. However, the next evening my husband took off the belt saying the tightness was unbearable. He refused to have the belt on at night explaining that he couldn't fall asleep because of the pressure, but next morning I tied the belt round his belly again. For the whole day my husband was constantly holding his hand on his stomach and he even seemed to be running a temperature! Why is that?

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no but it'll make your rolls stick out more

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