How do I go back to blonde?

my natural hair color is ash blonde. now I got real bored with it because it’s more like mousey color. I dyed my hair to dark brown, then I got really disappointed because I got real white skin and it made me look like a witch . so I decided to go brighter. I went to the salon and I got brighter brown with orange!! it looks horribly ugly!! because its extremely orange on my roots because my hair has always been brighter there and then it goes into darker color all the way down. I want to go back to blond but all the places I’ve been to I got the same answer, that its impossible right now , that I have to dye it with 9% oxygen and that it will damage my hair real bad. how can I get back to blond?? I dont want any highlights. also heard that if I dye to blond my hair will go orange, but what kind of orange could it be? blond mixed with orange? so wont it be easier to dye to yellow blond afterwards? and get rid of the orange?

plzzz help me!!

Answer #1

The best thing to do would be is to go to the salon and get them to bleach it.

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