What's good hair product for damaged hair?

What is a Very good shampoo and contindor for damaged hair ???

Answer #1

I don’t agree, but please understand, I have been spoiled by salon-only products and I forget not everyone agrees with me. I would like to recommend a couple of things for you to try, however, if you try babiibeckii’s solution and it works for you, then I say GREAT! There are several shampoos and conditioners that leave your hair feeling greasy just a few short hours after you wash it. These shampoos have a lot of wax in them and this eventually causes a build up. I would first recommend you buy a clarifying shampoo. Paul Mitchell has one that is inexpensive. Clarifying shampoo is not for daily use. You could use it once a week for about 3 weeks and then back down to about 2 times a month. If you do not buy the salon products, the clarifying shampoo will help decrease the build-up from other shampoo and conditioners. A great shampoo for you would be one just for cleansing. I would highly recommend Nexxus Humectress conditioner. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Use a comb and start at the ends of your hair to comb out tangles. For a while, I would not put anything else in your hair and allow it to breathe. If you want to, you can get about 1/4” cut off, but don’t worry about trying to get all of your damage cut it out all at once. Allow some healthy hair to grow and blend in with the damage which will help camoflouge some of the split ends. One more product I suggest you use is Biosilk. Apply a pea size amount to your damp hair before you comb it. This will keep fly-aways tame and add some shine to your hair. After your hair is dry, you can apply a VERY small amount of Biosilk just for control and shine. With this product, a little is better. This will help and I think you would be happy with the results. Good luck.

Answer #2

oh thats easy i have really damaged hair no matter what… i would just say make sure you get a trim every month -month and a half. and then the shampoo and conditioner i use is frutics for both shampoo and conditioner… two diff bottles but… it should have a yellow dot in the middle saying that its for damaged and uncontrollable hair. hope that helpss :]

Answer #3

Hi =) .. If The Damage Is From Bleaching/Dying You Hair Then I Would Recomend;

Dove, Reparing Shampoo & Conditioner - Intense Care -

It Works A Treat, I Had Frizzy Hair At The Ends From Bleaching My Fringe Too Much And Also Straighting It Everyday. Don’t Expect Results Straight It Took About 2-3 Weeks To Work On Me..

Hope The Advice Is Useful..

=] x

Answer #4

Could you tell me more about the type of damage you have. Is it from bleaching, coloring, blow-drying and the elements, or a from a perm? If this picture of you is recent, your hair looks pretty good!

Answer #5

i have lots of split ends from straightening my hair all the time. & i use hairspray a lot too because i have such curly hair i have to keep it down. plus i recently dyed my hair. i use loreal vive shampoo dry/damaged. & the conditioner is also loreal vive and its for colortreated hair. it works REALLY good. so i would recommend you use the ones that fit for your damaged hair.

Answer #6

i recamend Tresame Or Herbal Essenses

Answer #7

i have got loads of spilt ends every 2 or 3 dayz i have greasy hair i never had that before my hair as gone weird i duno y lool..x

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