Who wants the Heat to take the win for NBA Championship?

Answer #1

psshh i know i do

Answer #2


Answer #3

ohhh heck NOOO! get outta here with tht

Answer #4

You have to have faith in your squad.. I like the Heat-But- I like the Laker’s better! If the Laker’s loose, I would definitely would want Miami to win!

Answer #5

duh i know u would want them to win cuz their the best :)

Answer #6

The Lakers are the best! I thought you knew..

Answer #7

noo it goes the heat then boston i thought u knew?!?

Answer #8

never, its all about the dallas mavericks!!!

Answer #9

not me!!!! lets go celtics

Answer #10

you must have been brainwashed since birth.. I can relate with on the heat. But the boston cream puffs.. Heck no.. Lame’s…

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