Who do you want to win the stanley cup playoffs?

Who do you want to win the stanley cup playoffs? lol

and you better not say ottawa lol

Answer #1

Red Wings!

Answer #2

lol are you kidddinggg, ottawa cant even win ther already down so badly, pittsberg will never lose to them again hah

Answer #3

Ottawa :) Your welcome, no need to thank me. As long as its not Toronto (which it obviously wont be) I’m good haha sorry sorry.

Answer #4

I think montreal has a good chance of beating the flyers, and pittsburgh will no doubt beat the rangers. So the eastern conference I’m guessing will be pens against habs.

west coast, yes the red wings will definitely beat colorado, and the dallas stars shockingly!!! will beat the sharks. So that means red wings play dallas for the semi final.

Pittsburgh v Montreal Detroit v Dallas

My money is on Pittsburgh beating Montreal and Dallas beating Detroit (boyfriend upset) and then Pittsburgh sadly beating Montreal.

All my favourite teams have been eliminated now so I am watching from a fairly neutral position. Not easy when you’re passionate about hockey.

So thats a long way of saying, I believe Pittsburgh will win the cup. Who did I want to win it? Calgary. Next year maybe :)

Answer #5

red wings suckkk lol

Answer #6

hah good answer

Answer #7

goooddd call, pittsberg is sick, but I still got my hopes in washington lol

Answer #8

The red wings of course.

Answer #9

Fiiinee =[ I don’t watch hockey so heck… I say we go beat all their butts.

Answer #10

well, seeing how the bruins, the flyers, and the capitals are all out the redwings are going to take it

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