What's the fastest way to get money without a job?

What’s the fastest way to get money without a job? it’s getting harder without it cause we can’t buy many things, but I can’t drive to a job because my truck has to be fixed :( I’m thinking about a yard sell (well, been saying it for years now) but that’s not going to far. Any ideas?

Answer #1

It’s not really possible to legitimately get money without working for it. There are some jobs you can get that are pretty easy though, such as house/dog sitting, babysitting, or working administrative secretarial type jobs. You won’t legally make money without working in this day and age.

Answer #2

Flip anything you can think of, cars, stero equipment, flat screen tv’s, etc. If you know people are looking for a certain item, make a deal with a person who is selling the item and then sell it to the person who is looking for that item for more money.

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