How do I get rid of heartburn?

How do I get rid of heartburn? I dont have anymore medication left till monday and I am drinking water, but that only seems to be making it worse. Please help me. I cannot lay down to go to sleep. And I am so tired.

Answer #1

Sorry – absolutely NO to milk. Although it’s alkaline, and will appear to give immediate relief, the calcium and protein in it will cause a lot more acid to happen in your stomach. Same with cheese. It will make it worse.

Answer #2

Cold Milk?

Answer #3

pain relievers, I guess or maybe you can ask the doctor

Answer #4

If its something you’ve been taking medication for, then there’s not much that will ease the acid, until you can get more meds. Over the counter you can get H2 blockers like Pepcid, or Zantac, but they do only about 30% of what a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) can do.

In the mean time, cut out coffee, tea, tomatoes, spicy foods, acid foods and stop smoking if you do, as that can make it worse too. And do lie down to sleep – prop yourself up on some pillows.

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