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I was wondering... I am 1.67metres tall (about 5'5) and weigh about 46-47 kg (101 pounds) and I am 15. Am I too skinny? Or am I ok?

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I think Your Okay :] That sust My Opinion

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your ok if your 5 5

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Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 16.67. I calculated it by dividing your weight in kg by your height (in metres) squared.

Basically anything 18 or below is considered underweight, between 20 and 25 is healthy and above 25 is overweight, etc...

BMI is good because it takes your height into consideration rather than judge what you should weigh based on your age or something. I think you are a bit too skinny, but it's up to you. If you feel healthy and eat enough then it's good. As long as you eat a wide range of healthy food.

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