Healthy tan other than soaking in sun?

How can I get tan in a more healthy way than soaking in sun… && without looking like an orange oompa looompa?

Answer #1

the only safe tan is a fake tan if you tan in the sun, that does prematurely age your skin as well as the risk of skin cancer there are heaps of bottles of fake and spray ect tan at department stores and beuty salons

Answer #2

Tans aren’t healthy… period.

You only need 10-15 minutes in the sun, for your body to generate enough vitamin-D to sustain it for 48-72hrs.

The only thing tanning does, is make you age faster…

Answer #3

ha ha, you definitely do NOT want to be a tanorexic. icky.
I use jergens lotion with the gradual tanner in it. it works really well, and isn’t streaky. AND…it wont age you.

Answer #4

Go to the salon to get a spray on tan done - they don’t last very long but look real.

Answer #5

thanks! ill definately try that out!

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