is it healthy to lose 4 stone in 6 weeks ?

Answer #1

Yes. A good target is 1-2 stone every week if one is on a diet. :)

Answer #2

cause i was talking to a friend and she said i should make it a longer time period :/ or is 6 weeks enough ?

Answer #3

6 weeks is more than enough. I mean, if you are on a diet and you are aiming to lose a stone a week (lose 500 cals per day) and if you wanted to lose 4 stone, that would take 4 weeks if you stuck with the diet.

Answer #4

thanks (:

Answer #5

No problem :)

Answer #6

Uhm? I think someone is confused about what stone means. You cant lose 56 pounds in a month. You’re looking at 2-3 pounds a week. You’re pushing it with a stone a month. If you’re serious about this, you might want to be a little more realistic.

Answer #7

A stone is about 6kg’s

0.5 kg’s a week is what is considered healthy

So what you are attempting is just very unhealthy. If you do lose that great amount of weight, it will most likely just be water that you will be losing and you would like to lose fat.

Answer #8

what the h are stones lol??

Answer #9

1 stone = 14 pounds or 6.6kg’s

Answer #10

oh wow that is alot!!! but not in 6 weeks, its healthy for someone whos trying to lose wieght, good luck with ur wieght lose u can do it!

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