Where is the healthiest place in the world to live?

Answer #1

Supposedly New Zealand is the healthiest place to live…but in my opinion there is no one best palce in the world, everywhere has junk food, obese people, excess in numerous ways, and beacuse if there were then it would be a real “garden of eden” and sadly no such place exists.

Answer #2

Woo hoo New Zealand! Lol. I’ve heard that NZ is the healthiest place to live as well, but sadly I don’t think that’s true… I’m sitting in my room in Auckland, New Zealand and I can see the ocean out of my window.. complete with rubbish and dirty sea weed :|

Answer #3

Awwww that’s sad bout the sea

Answer #4

I had no idea we are the healthiest country. Although we do have awesome drinking water in most places, which is something!

Answer #5

International Living consistently ranks France at the top of its Quality of Life Index. Considering diet, the environment, the stress level of the population, safety, and other factors, I think France is certainly a strong candidate, along with several of the Scandinavian countries.

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