What should I say when he told me he loves me?

well on saturday me and him had planned on going to the movies but he said he could then things came up but then he made up for it we went on our first date on sunday and I mean it was the greatest thing I was happy and pleased well on monday night I talked to him and he told me to call him at nine because we both had stuff to do but ummm hes like well call me at nine and then he told me I love you weve only been talking for 2 and a half weeks I mean and were not going out what should I do HELLLPPP!!! really confused

Answer #1

Well since it was just a “I love you” quote… it may not mean anything at all just yet, however, it does mean that he really does like you to be seen with you and say it to you… it gives bloke a great sense of feeling that they have made their girl happy. Do not read too much into it. Just smile and kiss him when he says it. If he does come up with a conversation a few days later saying “why do you never say i love you back?” just say, i am not ready yet. but i do really like you.. sorted XD

Answer #2

i agree. just take it slow .he really likes you so just do what smexii loz said to do.

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