Having affair with younger married guy...HELP?

Im having an affair with a youger ( 8 years ) married / co-worker guy; we are both very clear that this is just a sex thing...but lately Hes been tending to look up to me for advise and just talk…we still have sex but what I mean is that Hes getting more personal...asking about my day, what errands He has to do during the day, if Hes off during the work week…HE CALLSSS!!! Is this a RED FLAG I should start to worry about…?

Answer #1

HE’S A MARRIED MAN! That should have been your first red flag. Sure, it just started off as a sex thing, but he’s probably developing feelings for you. You’re setting yourself up for trouble.. think about what you’re doing to his wife. You’re also putting your job in jeopardy. I think it would be wise to just end it.

Answer #2

we are both very clear that this is just a sex thing…

Suuure you are… obviously you shouldn’t be having sex with a married man in the first place. As with any affair or f-buddy situation, there will virtually ALWAYS be emotional attachment from one or more persons involved. And it looks like HE is involved, and you aren’t…

Now you get to deal with the consequences…

Answer #3

Put yourself if the shoes of the guy’s wife. How would you feel if you found out your husband is having an affair with a woman who is 8 years older than him? You wouldn’t be too happy. So maybe you shouldn’t be having the affair in the first place. Sure the sex is good, but you need more then sex. More of a relationship then just what you do in bed. That’s probably why he is being more personal with you. He wants to have a relationship, not just sex.

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