Havein a baby

Im 14 and I want a baby

Answer #1

maury show???

Answer #2

Now? :)

Answer #3

hun your too young. are you gonna be able to feed it and buy things the baby needs? im 16 and I wanted a baby at your age then I thought about money. just wait for the right time. if you want to talk to someone I am here for you.

Answer #4

My advice would be to wait until your older.because being a full time parent isnt easy.Its hard VERY hard.Stay in school and get a Good education and a good job.I would advise you to wait until your married.because its gonna be hard to support urself and a baby.I know this because my best friend has a 6 month old baby boy and now shes 4 months pregnant with another baby boy.And shes 16.And her baby daddy told her that he didnt want nothing to do with her or the 2 baby boys.So please wait until your married…

Answer #5

WAIT, for goodness sake.

As several people have been pointing out recently, at 14 you are simply too young to manage all the demands of parenthood in today’s world.

You’ll need to finish your education, be able to support yourself and the baby, and be able to offer a stable home relationship for that baby to grow up in.

Even more: you say you want a ‘baby’. Even if you love little babies, they don’t stay that way. They become active and often difficult toddlers, then young children starting school, then teenagers like yourself - and they need help, guidance, love and financial support all the way. That’s a very big commitment.

Get a summer job working with small kids. Show your love for them, and learn more about them. The time for parenthod will come - later.

Answer #6

You’re waaay too young - you’re a child having a child - it’d be an extremely hard road and your life altered forever - Best Plan: education, get dating age, ring, date, marriage, get financially stable, THEN baby - give your baby the quality of life it deserves.

Answer #7

Every girl I think comes to that age and wants a baby, but the thing is, you can’t handle it at that age. Think of what you would have to go through for the rest of your life. It would be extremely hard to get into college and with supporting you and the baby. I would really wait until you find the man you love and when your old enough to marry!

Answer #8

You shouldn’t have one at 14 it will be very hard on you and when exams come etc you will probably get much lower grades, wait till you’ve done GCSE then think about it carefully.

Answer #9

that is exactly what I sed a year ago and I got pregnant and had twins(they run in mi family!) I regret getting pregnant now because I put on weight I couldn’t go out with my boyfriend and mates. I had to leave school. people luked at me funny when I was walking down the street and still do. it costs a lot and I’m only 15 and work in a small cafe for the minimum wage to pay the fees for the babysitter to look after them for 5 hours each day an my boyfriend works 8 hours a day and most of his money goes on food clothes anppies and baby milk and the rest goes into a trust fund. we never have any money and I’m lucky if I get 2 hours sleep a night! babies are cute but they are extremely hard work!! you can send me a message about anything if you really feel the need 2! xx

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