Have you ever felt like dreams are better then reality?

Your dreams are better then reality?

Answer #1

I agree with conversegirl13. All I want to do is sleep and dream because its the next best thing to an actually happy life.

Answer #2

heck yes…well…sometimes…

Answer #3

Every day…

                                          : \
Answer #4

Mhmm …: )

Answer #5

Yes! But most of the time No…Sometimes my dreams turn out making me feel heartbroken. =’(

Answer #6

ummm… let me think…


Answer #7

Lots. Kinda sucky, right?

Answer #8

umm… YEZ!!!

Answer #9

my dreams feel like home. sometimes I feel like sleeping during my classes to get away from everything. and in your dreams anything can happean.

Answer #10

lol, always…

Answer #11

def. sucky :(

Answer #12

omg yea

Answer #13

My dreams are way better than my reality… I get to fly and do all sorts of crazy stuff. One time my actual conciousness told myself in my dream, that it’s your dream so if you want to stop the dude with a chainsaw chasing you, just make yourself invincible… and of course it worked and I broke his chainsaw with my arm. This is why I’m really jealous of people who are in a coma. I like reality about 25% of the time, I like dreaming about 97% of the time. But then you have to ask the question to yourself ‘what if I am in a coma right now?’ and whether or not you’re dreaming within your dream.

Answer #14

I want to delete this second post right now, but the site won’t let me… : (

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