haunted house idea! and your ideas could help me make it better!!!

fans of haunted house are you???well I need some great ideas to make my haunted house a bigger success and to make people scream for more. I did pretty good last year but I wanna try new things I need your help to get to my goal of scary people so bad that they would go to the bathroom on the floor!

ok everyone I need some new ideas!!! I own a haunted house and I need new ideas! new prop idea;s new ways to scare people for instance what scares you? what scares your friends or family??? I need really scary ideas! the idea’s to scare the pants off people any ideas???

Answer #1

You could have some birds fly around. Might make a nice effect~ It might freak people out, cause they’ll think the birds might land on them or something. ..that or they’ll get paranoid they’ll crap on them, idunno.

Answer #2

we had a coffin with a vamp in it wae put leaves on the ground and RIP stones then people poped out of the leaves flashing lights and a person geting the head chopped off screaming in a bowl we had a sigh sayin candy when you reached in it was nnoodles blood on walls bats jason person running around fake chainsaw

Answer #4

I our Haunted House we have had great success with the dropping window, we make a free standing wall with scary old photos and wall paper one of the pictures is mounted on a board that falls behind the wall and hits a board on the floor, and a monster reaches out the opening,big noise and a great scare that gets them every time. also we built a walk bridge with a thick plexiglass section in the middle the monster is laying under it in the dark, the monster turns on a small light that is under the glass with him and beats on the glass they jump and scream everytime. these are two of our best as of now. Hope they help

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