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Haunted house

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Ok, for the past few months I thought my house was haunted. Ok so ill tell you whats going on, and you tell me if you think it is. Well, first of all I've lived in this house for 6 years, and we moved in right when it was done being built. So, in last october I was going to go to my friends bday party, but my sister called last minute asking me if I could babysit my lil neice for a few hours. It was like, 9:00 and I was sitting in the rocking chair rocking my neice, and she was crying and laughing for no reason, it freaked me out. I was watching t.v., and I looked into the kitchen. I have this big picture frame on this tall, thin table behind my couch. The picture frame has 3 parts connected, and have a small gap in between each of the 3 parts. I saw something brown and fuzzy moving fast and going behind the island in the kitchen. I saw it through the gaps inbetween the 3 parts of the pic frame. We edont have any pets, besides fish, and I was home alone, besides my neice. So I took her and ran to my friend's house.( the one whos having the party) and I called my sister. I was so freaked out.

Ok, few months later, I've been feeling like im being watched, like, all the time. id be in my room, and id hear dishes in the sink move, or the computer chair move, or even keys on the keyboard being pressed. My family was home, but I went our to check who was making the noise and no one was there. In the corner of my eye I see things move, or at least I think I see things move. But once I was playing my d.s. At 10 at night, and my little lamp was on, and my main lamp was on too. It was sorta rainy, but I dont think that effected anything. So I was just sitting there, and in the corner of my eye I saw something big and black move across the lighting of my small lamp. I looked and nothing is there. I was sitting in my closet looking through some junk in my closet, and one of my neices saucer was there, and it had a small rattle. The saucer was laying on its side, and the rattle shook a tiny bit, just enough to make the lil balls inside move and make noise. I know I didnt make it move.sometimes in my room it will be rilly cold, and another time it will be really hot, and we wouldnt have the ac or heat on. Or the fan.

I've always watched ghost hunters, and the show called a haunting, but I didnt think my house was haunted before when I first started watching it. Now, am I just crazy, or could it rilly be haunted? Ok, this part made me freak out. But my mom left to pick my bro up from the skate park in my sister's old kia, and when they drove up to the drive way the horn on the van started going off, then the horn on the truck started going off. My mom always does that accidently, and I thought she just did it again. But I gess not. My brother comes in, and tells me that when they were pulling into the drive way they heard an evil-ish laugh behind them. Joe says he turned off the radio when it stared, and my mom says that she thinks he did the wrong thing to turn it off (the radio volume buttom was messed up) and they said that when they got out of the car, both horns on the van and truck went off automatically. Even my mom claims this. I fell asleem and I had a temp of 100.3 the next day. I don't know what was going on, but its creepy. What do you guys think?