I hate my mom's boyfriend

I hate my moms boyfriend what do I do, I am forced to live here with him, and I just cant stand him what do I do?

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I have the same problem as well just try and leave him alone like act as if you talk to him your gunna die or something

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be REALLY naughty an never be happy when your mum's around. when your mum asks why tell her the truth

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tell your mom you dont like him, im sure shell understand.

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tell your mom what you think. ask her can you move in with a family member

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Try to run him away ruin his life and make him not like you and your mom

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ugh join the club

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the sad truth is even if you do make your mom pick between the two of you it will bring her closer to HIM. All you can do is let everything out in the open. dont pretend like everythings ok. make sure both your mom and her boyfriend know where you stand. the worse part to this is you have to give him an honest chance, jealousy, rage, pent up teenage aggression aside. moms get lonely and more so they are afraid of being lonely. you can only fulfil her so much and whether this dude is a dick or not he is fulfilling her in some way and he will be apart of your life through your mother.
but... DONT GET TOO INVOLVED. you will make yourself sick over thinking why she doesnt dump him, why your not enough, or why shes putting a guy between you. just leave it alone as much as possible. dont give up trying to make her see what you do, but dont invest too much of yourself into it. With single parents kids tend to be forced into the role of the adult. especially when it comes to dating. mom and dad start acting like teenagers and the kids have to be the responsible one. parents have to learn to let go of their kids at a certain point. just like kids that feel like parents have to let go of mom and dad. even if that means dating someone you dont approve of. but dont ever let them take you for granted and dont settle with feeling like mom's leftovers. on a basic level you will always need your mother and if the guys shes dating is a stand up dude he wont let himself come between that.

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Show a bit of hostility or cold stiff,politeness.Lol:-)It usually works.They get the message that you dontlike them.

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I know how it is just try to avoid him

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I had to live with my moms boyfriend sice I was little and I still hate him he yall a lot he dosent know how to up left a person at all he put me down all the time by saying you need to cut your hair it short anyway.

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yai thought she would choose me over him and she is a cop he is too he lies and dissrespects me all the time but she doesnt care and I dont knowq how to make him leave im 13 help please

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omfg my moms boyfriend is such a craphead!!! He always finds things to complain about. My mom says she stays with him because we need money. Hes a pornography adict because my mom never gives him any and it creeps me out because the computer is only a few feet away from my room and I can actually HEAR it... I tell my mom and she talks to him but it never works. He curses at me and always complains about the things that I do even when I didnt do ANYTHING wrong. I hate when my mom just lets it go... my two older brothers moved out just because of him. ughh there's just so much... my advice is to keep a GOOD relationship with your mom so that he gets jealous and annoyed. Whenever he's around dont leave or else he think he has the power. Always have close friends to talk to when your mad so you dont do anything bad. Just ignore him as much as possible but never let him think he has the power. Your house is YOUR house. Be the bigger person. God bless & good luck!!

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I am in the same situation. My mom has been dating this guy Bill for about 8 months, I think.

I really hate him!!! He don't live here even though he's here most of the time. And one time my mom and him were watching a movie and I came in and she got up to get drinks for us. Well, he turns to me and says, "You know she left the room because she don't want to be in the same room with you."

I turned to him and said, "She's my mother, and she will always love me more than you, no matter what! And what you just said to me, I recorded it will a hidden mic.

I showed my mom the recording and what do you know...


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I don't hate my mom's b/f. I just feel he's not the right guy for her. I also feel she takes up for him a lot and I don't like it. Last b/f she trusted he was no good and she left him. Even sometimes, she talks about me to him in a not so good way. :(

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do what I did. piss him off, make him leave. BUT DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF YOUR MOM!!! then, when you're with your mom ALONE say how he creeps you out/flirts with you/makes you feel uncomfortable. that's what I did and I haven't seen Jason in a year! :-D

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Let your mother know how you feel about her boyfriend. She should understand and either break up with him or keep her dating life private so you don't have to deal with the boyfriend.

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keep ur ditance from him and block him out and tell ur mom that u dont like him she will understand and i am sure she will choose u over him but she havet to find love to if u like him or not so think about her to not just u

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mymom has done this to me. i wouldnt talk to him first because i dont know how angry this man can get. tell your mom how you feel about him and if she doesnt care and not do anything you may try talking to him hoped i helped u!

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I'm in the same situation.. I hate my mums boyfriend as much as possible.. I wouldnt mind him but hes just to lazy and dosent help out takes over the tv and doesnt go bed til 2am in the morning..

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ATM I am in the same situation, this guy has made my parents split up, and I have hated the guy since then, I have left mean phone messages for him, and mocked him, and called him names, but it only seems to make things worse, it made my mom angry at me, and just gave her boyfriend power. So don't give you mom's boyfriend that power. Stand up for yourself though, and tell him exactly what you think of him, and why it isn't an ok situation, and what you don't like about it, stand your ground, also talk too your mom about why he shouldn't be around.

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I HATE my moms boyfriend. whenever he comes over they completly ignore me. Once he even shoved me against the wall and slapped me several times. my mom was pissd but said" everyone makes mistakes" but she broke it off with him. A month later she came to me and said she had been dating him for about 3 weeks and she wanted to tell me that they were seeing eachother again. I hate him sooo much and want him out of my life. so im currently finding a place to stay other than home.
if you hate your moms boyfriend then avoid him, talk to your mom about it and find someplace else to live

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Fxckiin hell.!!
Mee too.
They Thiink that they can tell you what to do and rule YOUR house.!!
ii hateee hiimmm..!!
They have been on and off for years but ii know they wont break up forever :(
ii ust to tip water all over his side of the bed and hide all his stuff and that.
ii know iits childish but oh well :)
ii HATE HiM.!!!
When it was just me and her she ust to talk to me more. Even if it was just asking what someone saiid on the telly, she dont ask me, she asks him and I feel soo left out.
ii spose im going to have to live with iit :(

Good Luck <3

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Don't you think your mom has a right to happiness? If she is happy with her BF than you should be happy for her.

Don't make your mom choose between her BF and you. Even if you do manage to run him off she will resent it and it will change your relationship forever.

Of course if the new guy is abusing your mom or you than you need to get out of that situation ASAP but if it is just a personality clash than get over it.

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omg me to!
hes such and a-hole
it keeps getting worse and worse
I know how you feel
I just stay at my friends houses as much as possible and it helps to talk to someone
and if your mom will nvr leave him ull be old enough to move out sooner or later
also if it gets to bad tell your mom or someone like your school
they can help you
good luck

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Keep your distance from him, and if your mum asks talk to her about what bothers you about him becos you all have to feel comfortable in your living situation and if you are not your mum should hear you out and try and talk to him about it. Otherwise go to him yourself and try talking to him about what annoys you about him.

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Just Try And Get Rid Of Him I Hate My Mums Boyfriend As Well...Hes Such A Twat Hes Only Nice when My Mums Around...He Makes Us Feel Like A Pile Of Sh*t ! ! He Anit My Dad And Never Will Be!

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well it depends, what are some of the things he's tried doing ?
the best thing I think would be doing is ignore him. if he says anything bad, just tell him you don't care, and he can say all he wants. if you're ever eating at the dinner tabel with them just don't look at him, and just turn yourr back.
you shouldn't have to put up with this.

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same prob. my mom's boyfriend is an acholeic and dosent know when to stop or be quite =P (I can bearly breath now from all their smoke)

ignore him completly and when he talks to you leave the room

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u should really talk to your mom about it...I had the same probr...but try talkin to your mom and try and keep your distance from him...

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ur mom probly wouldent under stand tell ur him that needsto back off and give u some time and space and if thatdont work stay AWAY FROM HIM!!!

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just twll her the truth and maybe shull under stand

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tell your mom you dont like him. make her try to understand. tell her y u dont like him

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everytime hes around just leave he'll get the hint.

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kill him

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I agree with slish but seriously... dont be a sick caz the more you make it obvious the more s*it you get from your mom and thj more he will try to become your ""friend"" so when you cross paths just say hey and walk away and he wont have the need to have to talk to u... at least your moms boyfriend isnt one of your teachers

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yeah I'm going through the same thing. I decided to move away with my aunt in texas (really far away.) because I thought there was nothing I could do. but im not saying do that but don't make him not like you or your mom because that'll make it worse for you (I've tried) but why do you not like him because you have to have a reason. I mean if you just don't like him then get oover it you probably have riends of boyfriend's she dosen't like either.

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Establish the fact that you do not like your mother's boyfriend with your mother.
Insist that she not force you in any way to be involved with him.
Offer and alternative if and when she insists you be around him- go to a friend's place for a while or etc.
Don't disrespect the boyfriend unless he disrespects you- and if he does disrespect you, let your mother know and get out for a while, again, to a friend's.

Good luck- hope this guy doesn't stick.

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make his life hell

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Let me comment on this. I happen to be on the opposite end here. I am a mother, and I have a boyfriend that my daughters hate. I love my daughters but I also love my boyfriend too. When I was married my husband never showed me any type of interest in me, he was too busy with his work, his job, his career. I chose not to work so I could stay home with my daughters while they were growing up. My husband treated me like a slave, always putting me second, always making me feel unloved and never put me above his job. As a result, over the years, we decided that our relationship wasn't going to last, after several years of counseling. So, we opted to divorce and I moved out (BIG MISAKE) I should have stayed to keep the house. But after several months of hell, trying to get my life together I met a man who I enjoy being with, and he treats me so much better than my husband ever did. We have a lot in common and we are compatible. He shows me love and gives me the attention that I never had with my husband. But...my daughters are dealing with the fact that I am dating this man who they can't stand, and as many times as I have told them that I am sorry they don't like him, but I cannot and will not give up a love that I've waited a lifetime for just to please my kids. I've done everything for my daughters and I have been there every step of the way for them. It's my turn to be happy now, it's my turn to enjoy life. They will eventually have to get over it. My boyfriend has done nothing to hurt them or disrespect them in any way. He doesn't talk badly to them or abuse them. My daughters are just upset that I divorced their dad, and I think since I have a boyfriend and their dad doesn't have a girlfriend, that they put the blame on me for the break up. Life isn't worth getting all upset over. If your mom is happy with her boyfriend, leave them alone, let them make a life for themselves. It doesn't mean that your mom loves you less. It doesn't mean that you will be second in your moms life. My daughters do try to be nice to my boyfriend and they seem to accept the fact that I am in love again, and I try so hard to be there for them. I am always wanting to know how they are, what they are doing, I show interest in them as well. I love my daughters MORE than I do my boyfriend, and they will always be first in my life, but everyone needs to understand that my life has to move on, and I can't be a lonely pitiful woman any longer. I want to move on, and my prayer is that my daughters will someday realize how much I love them and that will never change, no matter what.

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Im in the same situation, the only thing is, I have to live with him...I hate him so much. I told my mom and she dosent care. I would do anything to get out of here

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same! he lives with me and he doesnt work hes a lazy bastard and just sits watching tv all day but my mum threatens to kick me out when i call him lazy. I work full time and am also a full time college student so im extremely tired stressed and annoyed :( but thats just life really.

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OMFG SAME! My mums been dating this guy named Drew for like five months and they are already engaged. He's such an ignorant bastard and I hate him. When me and my mum go to pick him up from work he doesn't even say Hi to me, but the funny thing is that he only says 'night' and this pisses me off so much I wish I had the confidence to get a knife and just end his life.

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I hate my moms boyfriend he's such an ass he always reads her messages and he makes her unfollow people on instagram and facebook. He never lets her go out, I'm literally so pissed my mom is still with his ugly ass she's honestly hella stupid like why are you with someone that doesn't even let you go out with your friends she never goes out of the house and if she does he always calls every fucken 10 min where she's at i'm sick and tired of his dumb ass. And he's such a bitch to me for example i didn't say hi to him and he goes and tells my mom that i'm being rude to him like ok bitch no one likes your dumbass not even my fucken family and his, to be honest i think his family is tired of him

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