Why does my boyfriends mom hate me and why does he support her?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half and his mom let me sleep over but after we went to college (the same college) she all of sudden said that I could not stay over anymore. She will not even talk to me and we used to be REALLY close!! I dont know what happened. She does every thing in her power not to let him see me. She makes curfews on his time with me but not with his friends. She HATES me!! And I dont know why. But the biggest problem is that my boyfriend will not stand up to her. I dont want him to ya know rebel or anything but at lease say something to her!

Answer #1

It really isn’t fair for your boyfriend’s mom to make him side with either her or you.

Am I to assume that his parents are supporting him in college? If that is the case they have a lot of leverage. When I was in college I cut the purse strings before moving in with my girlfriend since I knew my folks wouldn’t approve and I didn’t want them to have that leverage.

No telling why she suddenly turned against you, could be a lot of things. In either case your boyfriend is probably between a rock and a hard place and is simply trying to do the best he can keeping everyone happy.

Answer #2

I think what she is traing to do is just protect him so he can get an education. I think what she is worried about is that he might be too intrested in you and also he might not take care of his studies, and probobly he feels the same way because he wants to go far.

But I would sit down and talk to her just normally and ask her what is going on and tell her that you want honesty and then come up wit solotions to what is her problem. For example if she is worried he will spend too manny time whit you and not studing tell her you can see eachother at a certain time and all.

Tell her all your feelings towards what you have been feeling about you guy’s relationship and all.

Good Luck!:)

Answer #3

If she just changed all of a sudden, then it seems she may of heard something about you or found something out, if there is anything. There could be rumors. You could talk to her, but I guess that would be kind of scary, so instead you could write her a letter telling her about how you’re feeling, I find writing things down is the best way I can get my feelings out.

As for your boyfriend not standing up to her, I don’t think that’s because he doesn’t care. It can take a lot of courage to stand up to your mum, so maybe talk to him as well about how your really feeling and how much it’s upsetting you.

Answer #4

Ask her about it, either she heard something she didn’t want to hear about you and is trying to protect her boy. or she doesn’t want him to grow up, she wants to keep her baby and your starting to take him away. Only thing you can do is talk to her about it, ask her why she suddenly became detached from you and is treating you differently. tell her the truth, if it hurt your feelings tell her that. its the only way you can figure what what the sudden change was for.

Answer #5

Its because its his MOTHER… :)

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