hate hate hate school

I hate it so bad. :( you wouldn’t imagine… I try so hard to like it but don’t know how.

Answer #1

are you bored? you may need to talk to your teachers re more stimulating work. is learning difficult? maybe you could do with extra attention on certain subjects. no fun? do sport or something else you enjoy. just can’t be bothered? find something to be passionate about. a bit of food for thought here. good luck. and remember, NOTHING lasts for ever.

Answer #2

Find something you enjoy out of it! like the friends… or your favorite subject… and make that the only reason you go! think about your future and think that if you get through with school you can do what you always dreamt of doing!

Answer #3

Don’t you like seeing your friends at school. That’s pretty much the part I look forward to. I also am encouraged to like school, because how you do in school determines your future.(what kind of college you’ll get into, what job you’ll get, etc.) So, I would recommend thinking of your dream job and how great it will be when you finish your schooling doing what you love. Good Luck. :)

Answer #4

school is the worst thing that anyones ever come up with!!!

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