Has anyone seen a ghost?

Be honest, can anyone say that they have 100% seen a ghost? I’m reading about all this at the moment and I’d like to believe they do exist. Also did it frighten you?

Answer #1

well I havent but my brother went with his friend in a car to this freaky area and house which was supposed to be haunted, he went to the gate and there was a lampost near him then he said he saw a shadow move from tree to tree. my brother said he nearly sh*t himself and came back, he is not the type that would lie and I could tell he was serious and his friend aparently looked to his right and saw a old mans head in his face and he fainted and was took to hospital. no joke.

another time my friend said she new somone who moved into a house and an old man and woman used to live there who loved smoking and cheese , then when the people moved in it smelt of it and aparently them people died 4 years ago.

another time my drama teacher said she was in an apartment on her own and the room up above her was empty and no-one lived there, and she heard stomping and banging up above and she was scared so she went up there with her friend in another room and went to check the room out , when they went in nothing was in there. they went back down to her room and she heard louder banging from above, she got scared and went downstairs to tell the manager and he said to her that a woman died in that room.

my mum said once when she was at work, her manager said she can go downstairs for a shower and when she got out and looked in the mirror, behind her she said she felt the hairs on her neck go up and coldness as if someone was behind her but from looking in the mirror no-one was there.

sooo I believe in them, kinda

Answer #2

When me and my brother were little we saw a line of ghosts wearing Victorian clothing walking in a line from one wall to the other, but I heard no noises from them. I hid under the bed covers and was too scared to look at their faces. But to this day I am still in doubt of myself because it seemed to un-natural to exist!

Answer #3

Yes I have seen my great grandad ( at night) who is my gaurdian angel when I woke up in the night looking at my sister and then he looked at me and then faded

Answer #4

This might sound weird, but I have the ability to see and communicate with ghost. Everywhere I have lived has always had a ghost, right now the house I am in now, it scares me $#@tless! So far here, I have seen my mom, and my mom committed suiced 2 years ago, and when I see her, I knwo she is trying to tell me something, but I get scared a run haha.

Answer #5

Ok once when I lived with my mother, everytime I fell asleep. 9/10 I would have a dream about me in the house, and the closet was always shadowey, Always I could feel an evil spirit there.

Once, I talked with my grampa @ 6 years of age. We had a long conversation and he was so happy with me and how I would live my life, how successful I will be, He gave me tips about women, told me his favorite baseball teams, and we had a great conversation.

The next morning I got news that my grampa died the day before, An hour before we had our conversation…

Answer #6

While it’s impossible to totally rule out anyone having ever seen a ghost, it’s safe to say that there’s absolutely no evidence for the existence of ghosts, despite many people putting in years of concerted effort to try and produce some.

Answer #7

I have always been able to see ghost, and talk and hear them. when I was little I told my grandma bout “the other people already on the swings.” and at one of my houses when I was swinging on the pourch swing one suddnely appeared next to me, with a gunshot on its head and neck! that was the only time I got scared I was so scared I climbed to the top of the roof and cried.

Answer #8

Yes, I have and I used to live in the house, WE called him Jacob, he was a 8 yr old boy that was killed by a tractor when it flipped over on him. He use to hide things on me, turn the tv up and down, flip the channels, and sometimes we would wake up and our living room would have things moved around. I saw him a couple of time in the kitchen and once in the hallway,

My aunt had a hunted house and the story is published in the Charles Adams ghost stories of Berks County

Answer #9

my sister, in our old house saw was this black little old lady rocking in the rockin chair and she looked at my sister and told her not to tell anybody!

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