Has Anyone REALLY ever seen a ghost??

Has anyone ever REALLY seen a ghost?? Tell me your story!!

Answer #1

When I was little I used to go upstairs to like the toilet or something and id come down and tell myu mum to tell the little boy to leave me alone. And on the way down the motor way I seen some guy twice, and its not as if he could have ran 70 down the motorway to keep up with us

Answer #2

Was in my bed and a blurry mist came through my window & across my bed…it felt like it went through my chest…my heart started pumping very fast, then it went out of my room and down the hall setting off my smoke alarm. I got out of bed to check and see if there was smoke, but there wasn’t any…and my smoke alarm wasn’t faulty, it hasn’t made any noise since. It was like the ghost pressed the test button on its way through!!!

Answer #3

I have before me and my mom were in the car looking at this old light house and we saw a ghost it was a lil girl in a dress with a ball in her hand and she was just sitting there staring at us and she had red eyes so we got out of there and never went back oh and by the way red eyed ghosts mean they are angry or evil green eyes I don’t know well see ya oh by and the way this all took place in Maryland .

Answer #4

God, I wish. I never will though.

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