Has anyone experienced hiccuping during early pregnancy?

I just recently found out I was pregnant and for the past two or there days I have been hiccuping non stop. I have only hiccuped like twice my whole life and now I can’t stop. I have looked all over google and many people have had hiccups during early pregnancy but they say it isn’t a sign? I was wondering if it is. And how many people have experienced it?

Answer #1

I had hiccups really bad when I found out I was pregnant both times and so did my sister it was sooo annoying..the doctor said it was completley normal

Answer #2

haha, well, I havnt experienced it, but I did google it and it says that the reason is because your lungs are making room for the baby and are less focused on avoiding hiccuping.. but I don’t know if thats true or not. Wait until the BABY starts hiccuping!

Answer #3

yes I have had hiccups during my early pregnancy. when had the hiccups and it was somthing different because I never get the hiccups so that was a big hint somthing was wrong five days later I didnt come on. I went to the doc and I was trhee weeks.

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