Early pregnancy discharge

Can any of you guys help me out? Got a few questions about Early Pregnancy Discharge!

What’s the deal with Vaginal Discharge in early stages of pregnancy? What differences does it have to normal discharge? What does it look like? Does it smell? Is there a lot of it?

I’ve been doing some research online, but every site is saying different things! So if you’ve experienced it, please do tell!

Cheers m’dears! :)

Answer #1


I do not have personal experience :(

But I can tell you that I found this on pregnancy.com:

For some women, discharge as a sign of early pregnancy is the first symptom they notice. If you pay attention to your monthly cycle and the changes in your discharge throughout each month, you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge, especially if it is possible that you are pregnant. This discharge, referred to as leucorrhea, is quite normal. It is typically odorless or has only a mild odor. It is generally milky white in appearance.

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