Has anyone ever stepped on a spider 4+ inches big?

Bleh.. My dad found one today and showed it to me. Scared the life out of me. Just imagining stepping on it brings nasty thoughts of how it would squish with its gut juiced butt splattering and everything…

That thing looked like I was gonna jump on me (spider was not harmed, jsut released)

Just asking for fun

Answer #1

Standing on it? It makes my foot AND my spine tingle. I saw a spider in my parent’s room, it was about 10cm long with its legs. It was disgusting. And we’re talking britain here! I usually get my dad to get spiders outta my room, and he really doesn’t care if they’re big or not. But this one was so big he actually had to get a glass and put it on it!

Answer #2

Ewww no… I hattte spiders! I just get my dad to kill them… but then he scares me with them - catching it in some paper towel and then putting it near me!!!


Answer #3

uhm…I screamed and ran away from a spider 4+ inches long.


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