How hard is it to find a job straight out of university with only a bacholors?

Answer #1

Depends on the type of bachelors. With my bachelors degree you can find it almost immediately, however with some degrees there aren’t such a big market.

Answer #2

it really depend on which country you live. my boyfriend was studying engineering in UAE and graduated there but he had to move to an other country to get a job because of the crisis of uae. but in some countries for example Iraq you can get a job with your becholors.

Answer #3

Masters in the new Bachelors.

Answer #4

Depends on what you got your degree in. Sunshinebananie is right to a certain extent. Certain bachelors dont allow you to do much (e.g. a bachelors in psychology). But my friend is earning 55 grand a year straight out of her bachelors in neuroscience, it’s her first job.

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