how hard is it to become a doctor?

Answer #1

i think it would depend on where you were studying. Here, you do one year (health science first year) and you have to get really high marks to gain entry to second year med. You also have do some random exam designed to test your personality and logic etc which alot of people struggle with. The hardest part of this system is gaining entry. About 2000 students will take HSFY, but there are only places for about 150 med students. Once you are in though, its pretty hard to fail. You can also gain entry with a bachelors degree if you have good marks. That will put you straight into second yr med, and again, its the entry part which is the hardest. I think other universities have different systems though so like I said, it does really depend on where you are wanting to study

Answer #2

nothing is hard! all you got to do is take about 8 years of collage and become one! my brother is one his way of becoming a doctor and it wasn’t hard

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Answer #4

do you wanna become a doctor because you love to or is it because your family?…. i know it’s a stereotype but do what you wanna do…it’s easier

Answer #5

Becoming a licensed M.D. is probably one of hardest careers to follow in as only the most dedicated or wealthy will get through all the schooling and such.. once you get out of high school, you’ll probably go to a 30k per year school for about 6 years, then do a rough internship for another 2-5 years… and once you become a doctor you just need to make sure you get paid and not get sued for malpractice…

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