Happily married... but I still want my coworker!!!

I am happily married, and have been for 6 years. My husband and I have one child, whom we both love very much, and I can’t imagine to better parents for him or a better life for the three of us. However, when I got married I was still a virgin (not because of religious reasons, just because I was a very contentious teenager), and although my husband and I have great sex, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be with someone else. Just to clarify, also, my husband and I have a ton in common, think the same thoughts, and generally have little to argue about besides the typical spat over expenses, cleaning, etc. I work with a man who is also married, but we’ve been flirting like crazy for about a month now, and I really think that if given the chance, we’d both be up for a passionate night of whatever fit the mood at the time… and I kindof want to! I just wonder, honestly, has anyone out there ever had an affair that actually was good for their well being? I LOVE my home life, I pretty much despise my work life… but since I have to work, having a good f**k buddy at work may make the hours go by easier? Am I trivializing this too much?

Answer #1

Do not worry, nothing is exceptional in your situation. The ideal would be that if you could disscuss this with your husband, if that is not possible you have to do it secretly. Or sending me private funmail :)

Answer #2

You made a vow to your husband. We all fantisize about things, but we cant have everything we want. Its called resisting temptation. If we want something that we know is going to hurt another person, why do it? You are only thinking of yourself. It doesnt matter that youve only had one sexual partner. You made that choice! Marriage is a commitment…and if you dont want to be faithful…get a divorce.

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well of course youre going to wonder what it would be like to experience sex with someone else because i have gone through the same exact thoughts as you. but one thing that i cant seem to understand is that you are married with a beautiful child. i would honestly die for that. having sex with a co-woker could seriously mess up that perfect life. dont mess up what you got. what you have is something beautiful…please my dad cheated on my mom and they were doing it behind her back for over 2 years and trust me, i trusted my father like nobody else. please dont ruin what you have. because there is always the chance of getting caught or where eventually you lose feeling for your current husband and end up separating…please think about your baby and think about the one whl loves you. i hope this helps

Answer #4

Please please do not ruin your family …u have everything you ever wanted…there are many less fortunate people around who does have have serious reasons to move on ..u really don’t

Answer #5

That is a terrible thing to think, you have absolutely nothing to complain about at home, have a great husband and still want a f buddy at work just becos your curious? dont marriage vows mean anything these days? you are risking losing your husband and breaking up your childs family just for a little fun at work? do yourself a favour, if you despise your job-QUIT and if you want to sleep around with other men leave your husband, he deserves better!

Answer #6

Since your coworker is so appealing to you and your husband is not perhaps your marriage has become dull and needs some spicing up. I suggest you talk to your husband about ways to spice up your marriage and s*x life too. Counseling is an option. You are in a danger zone of losing it all. More than likely you can kiss your marriage goodbye should you decide to go all the way with this coworker. Be smart. Keep the stable marriage and the solid ground you have. You have heard the saying “the grass is greener on the other side”…..now hear this one “the grass is greener where you nurture and water it”! Oh and one more thing stop feeding into and encouraging the flirting immediately.

Answer #7

This is what happens when you marrry too young. You haven’t explored yourself or others and you’re still curious and all that crap. If you kids would just get through your 20’s and then consider being parents and a family when you are 30, then you’d be through your curiousity and wondering and all that crap.

Do not destroy your child’s life. You have made vows, you stick to them any way you can until that child is grown. You have no idea how difficult it is to be a divorced young parent. It’s heartbreaking. This guy who flirts with you is a creep for taking a mother and a married woman and placing temptation.

Quit your job andbe a stay at home mom, by any means necessary. Move into cheaper living, do whatever you can to make it on your husband’s income. It can be done easier than you think. You need focus and simplicity to know and appreciate what’s important. Do the right thing here.

Answer #8

The last thing you want is a co-worker relationship. What good is it to hurt yalls loved ones behind their backs just for the benefit of some other person going inside of you?

Everybody finds out sooner or later, you say you have a great future ahead of your family, what do you think it will do to your child when he or she finds out that mommy has been unfaithful to another man who is married. It will tear two families apart, only for a guy who wants a peice of ass at the office.

And what happens if he is horrible in bed? You just tossed away the trust in your marrige just for some cheap ride. What if it does become a fling and it ends, then you will have to see him EVERYDAY at work. Then with that feeling of guilt it will make your relationship seem difficult.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I know this situation, and it hurts families. And I know now that the people who did that, knowing what pain they caused, they would do ANYTHING to prevent it from happening.

Do what is right for your family, do what is right for your child and let it go. Let you and your husband get a bit more experimental, unleash that inner freak on him instead of that. Try not to be one of those couples who get split up over stupid crap like little urges, you have everything you need at home.

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