What happenes when your sick and blood come out?

Is it normal or should i be worried?

Answer #1

I wud b calling a doctor

Answer #2

No, vomitting blood is not normal and you should go to a doctor as soon as possible.

Answer #3

There are several reasons you may see blood in your vomit.

-You may have a tear in the lining of your stomach, or in your throat. -You could have an bleeding ulcer. -Heartburn can cause bleeding inside the esophagus if persistent heartburn has caused ulcers to form in the esophagus. -You may be mistaking the red substance in your vomit for blood. It may just be something you ate, that is red. -It could be ruptured veins in your throat from vomiting.

No one here can tell you exactly what is wrong, but anytime you have blood in your vomit, you need to see a doctor or go to the emergency room…It could be serious.

Answer #4

You should tell your mom or somebody so they can take you to emergency just to be on the safe side.But please don’t ignore it.It could be a serious matter.Im sure you will be okay though.Just know the facts and don’t like start thinking bad stuff that couldn’t even be possible because thats what i did alot of times and still do sometimes.

Answer #5

It can be something ive eaten cause i havent eaten anything.

Answer #6

But thanks for all the advise:)

Answer #7

Well then you should get to your doctor, or the hospital as soon as possible.

Answer #8

could be an ulcer or a tear in your throat! depends on the amount of blood! If its a large amount definitely go to tha doc! good luck! :)

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