Why does my period blood come out in like.. clots?

Is it supposed to? Like.. Here and there a clot will come out..

Answer #1

That’s quite normal

Answer #2

That happens to me all the time. There’s nothing wrong with your period if you get clots.

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Answer #4

The ‘clots’ that is coming out is your tissue inside. If you would have been pregnant, those clots would have the zygote there which would then lead up to a baby. But since your not pregnant, then the body doesn’t need that tissue anymore. I know this because my sister works in a Gynecology office. :P

Answer #5

Thanks :)

Answer #6

No prob. :)

Answer #7

the ‘clots’ are actual blood clots that are formed in your uterus. its not good. its just the same type of blood clot as in your heart. i have them too, really bad. my doctor put me on birth control and it’s helped a lot. but its really not good for you. i’d go and see your doctor about it.

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