What would happen if I just let my nose bleed?

Answer #1

my last nose bleed was a week or so ago and i did nothing, i just went into the toilet and blew into it…

sorry it doesnt answer but ive never been arsed to stand there with my head tilted back holding the top closed or just let it bleed on its own :S

Answer #2

Actually letting the blood run to the back of your throat isn’t the best suggested idea . Its actually reccomended that you tilt your head Forward with a towel or tissue and let it bleed out. If it persists you can place a cold pack on the bridge of your nose to help constrict blood vessles and ease the bleeding. If you think about it, we never actually DO anything to a nose bleed, we dont sick a bandaid up there or anything, it stops on its own. ^_^

Answer #3

You will probably make a mess until it clots.

Answer #4

i usually put pressure on it to stop the bleeding and i never sed i let it run down the back of my throat. i did b4 and it was disgusting =/

Answer #5

My dad just gave me a good tip with nose bleeds tho =] Because he has thin nose tissues or something that made him have nose bleeds all the time and then i started getting them from just like blowing my nose. Anyways, he told me that mum told him that after he has a nose bleed he puts Vaseline up his nose and like coats the inside of his nostril. It’s not very pleasant, but he said ever since he started doing that he barely ever gets nose bleeds =P

Answer #6

I used to (and still do sometimes) get nosebleeds a lot… I used to find that if you blow long and and hard enough it’ll eventually give to a little clot of blood and it’ll be done. Messy and not pleasant but it doesn’t hurt and you’ll feel relieved when it’s over.

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