What happens at the end of "The Haunting of Molly Hartley"?

I’m confused because after she tried to kill herself, then after that she acts different now. She acts coldhearted and evil and I want to know if she’s still herself or that’s a demon that took over her body forever? Did she become a servant of the devil or what? Why in the end, she acts so strange?

Answer #1

Molly’s parents made a deal with the counselor chick that if she could give them 18 years of life with their daughter (As it showed in the movie the baby, Molly, was still born or dead as you’d call it) then on her 18th birthday she’d be a devil worshiper like Chace, the counselor and whoever else. Okay, so to explain the ending, the only way Molly could escape becoming one of them would be for her to die which she attempted to do but was too late seeing as the clock struck midnight meaning her 18th birthday. That’s why she couldn’t die when she stabbed herself consistently. So there’s not much you can do when your permanently working for the devil, she really has no other choice aside from excepting what she is now which she does. That’s why she says when at the insane asylum “He’s not my father anymore”. Her fathers in there because he probably crazily ranted to the cops that his daughter was now a satanist and killed so many people and you get the picture. Pretty much became as sick as her mother was. http://funadvice.com/r/14p5r0f23iu

Answer #2

I get it but is she herself or someone else in the end or she just turns evil?

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