what happened on VD this week ?

VAMPIRE DIARIES; what happened in the episode that damon said he was going to bring catherine back and bonnie is haunted by some thing. Do stefan and elena talk ? Details please & thk you :)

Answer #1

In this episode you find out that emily is one of Bonnie’s ancestors who cast a spell on the church in which catherine, supposedly burned in. Come to find out Damon had made a promise with Emily to protect her family if she save Catherine. So she did but in order to save Catherine she had to save all, which means there is a bunch of vampires waiting to be released in a tomb. In the end Emily takes over Bonnies body and returns to the church with the crystal and destroys the spell so they can not be released. And Yes Stefan and Elana talk again but in the end Stefan tells Elana she was right to stay away from him. Then at the end Logan shows up at Meridiths house. Thats just brief I know, but you can watch the episodes on cwtv.com.

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