Hannah Montana Movie?

Who thinks that gay Hannah Montana 3-d movie looks or was a WASTE OF TIME!! Cause I DO I watched 30 mins. and I was boared.

Answer #1

Miley Cyrus is a spoiled hick. I wouldn’t even waste my time watching it.

Answer #2

u wochd it?…when en where?…itz ment 2 b kumin out in 2009 eht it?

Answer #3

I will be the first person to admit that I practicly HATE miley cyrus but believe it or not some people do like her and some of them liked the movie. Not only that but a lot of work went into that movie. a lot of litle kids really look up to her(even if shes not the best person to look yp to and her music sucks to me) so they really enjoyed the movie. Thats just my opinion.

Answer #4

IT was a waste of time but hannah is not gay

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