Did you like "The Hannah Montana Movie"?

So I went to see the Hannah Montana movie the other day, and I pretty much loved it! I noticed that the tv-show is more of a comedy then the movie though. This movie was pretty emotional and, well, just amazingg :] Did you think Miley did a good job? Did you like the storyline? Tell me, tell me :]

Answer #1

OMG I loved that movie!! I have already seen it 2 times!!

Answer #2

yeah, nice movie.. Ü

and tyra was there.. my dream house mate! lol!

Answer #3

I loved it it was the best movie I ever watched.The storyline was grate it’s different then the tv-show but it’s awesome.And if you ask me Miley did a great job on this movie.

Answer #4

Ahhh I want to watch it… where can I find it… its not showing here yet… it will come in like 156411 years :DD lol I guess the only way is to download it somehow or watch it online…tell me where can I find that movie.. I love miley I must watch this movie Thanks!! :D

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