hannah montana/miley cyrus...

who likes hannah montana or miley cyrus?…

Answer #1

I sorta like miley…

Answer #2

not me sorry!!!=]]]…

Answer #3

My 5 year old loves her!!!

Answer #4

Ehh not really. Shes over rated. And hannah montana was cute when she was 14 now shes like 16. Miley isnt even that good of a role model.

Answer #5

I never liked hannah montana.. but miley cyrus is really hot.!! the blonde don’t suit her.!! I found these pics on the net tho of here half naked which I thought was a disgrace what example is that 2 kids.!!?

Answer #6

She played out,, Even to 6 year olds,,

Answer #7

hate her! shes annoying..

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