How do I handle/control my mood swings during pregnancy?

I’m 7 months with twins. I feel soo bad for my husband. He’s been so sweet towards me and been there for me but I’ve been really bitchy towards him and I knows he’s been trying to help. How can I control my temper? I don’t to lose him to my temper.

Answer #1

Lol, this remind me of my argument i had with my fiance the other day for eating the last of the peanut butter - i was so upset you would have thought he tried to k!ll my child. Got to love those mood swings. The only things ive found that works is anytime i get to the point where i feel im about to loose it, i go in another room and turn on music and jut let myself come back down to normal.

Answer #2

The main thing is for everyone else to be understanding when you suffer temporary hormonal dementia. In a couple of months you will be past this.

Answer #3

i have a bad temper so im so afraid for the moods swings to start. when did your mood swings start?

Answer #4

I don’t know, off and on since 6-7 months? I’m almost 8 months pregnant with boy/girl twins.

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