Is it bad for my hair to put it in a bun when it's wet and sleep with it?

Is it bad for my hair if i take a shower at night then put it in a bun with it wet and have it wet when i wake up in the morning still?

Answer #1

No thats not bad. I do that all the time. i like to because once it drys i have wavy hair.

Answer #2

haha yeah same here :)

Answer #3

I am not sure of the why, but I remember my dad always telling me that it was. I think it can cause hair breakage and maybe even bacteria as you are confinig your hair to stay wet and wrapped not allowing it to breathe or dry. I would dry it just to be in the safe side.

Answer #4

There’s a lot of conflicting views on it. I wear mine up and damp all day and my hair is perfectly fine; my hairdresser said it’s not hurting anything. But I’ve also heard it can damage your hair if you wear the bun too tight or even cause hair mold. I did some research and can’t seem to find an answer that everyone agrees on, so how about this: it’s okay, just make sure the bun is loose.

Answer #5

yeah. the bun is not super tight just not loose that hair is falling out. by morning it’s almost out though haha

Answer #6

It’s not super bad, but it does have some negatives.

[1] When your hair is wet, it is “weak” and more prone to damage. Which is why you should avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. While sleeping, some people toss and turn…and that could possibly cause breakage if your hair is wet.

[2] Sleeping with wet hair means you will have a wet pillow, which isn’t really nice…especially if it starts to mildew or get moldy from the wetness all the time.

[3] Sleeping with wet hair may cause you to wake up sick.

[4] It could cause scalp irritation, or fungi …which will need to be treated.

Answer #7

yeah. I never brush my hair when it’s wet and i havn’t noticed any mold of any sort so i think im ok. but thwn i get the chance ill ask my doctor or hair dresser next time i see them and see what their opinion is

Answer #8

no its not bad actually its good bc when u wake up and its still wet u brush it then blowdry it bc it keeps yur hair moist and healthy :) what i do is take a shower get out towel dry it then put it up in a bun and go to sleep then wake up and brush it blow dry then straighten it u could also just always take a shower then blow dry it and go to bed but i do it the other way and my hair is perfectly fine also u could always just ask yur hairdresser they cn help and tell you whats good or bad fur yur hair hope this helped -love tiana

Answer #9

You should not put your hair up in a bun while it’s wet. When hair is wet, is becomes elasticated and almost stretchy. If it dries while it’s up in an elastic-band/ hair-tie, it will then most likely snap as it dries (dry hair cannot stretch).

Also, going to bed with wet hair can give you a cold and make you sick.

As a hairdresser I highly recommend drying your hair before you go to bed, and not to brush it or tie it up when it’s wet.

Answer #10

it can cause ur hair 2 break off…hair is at its weakest point when it is wet!

Answer #11

ok thanks for the advice, i didn’t know that :)

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