Does cutting your hair make it grow faster?

does hair grow faster when cut

Answer #1

From what I’ve read, hair grows approx. 2 inches per month regardless…Take care !!

Answer #2

Yes, cutting of hair makes it grow faster, specially for kids it gives a tremendous effect. I may add theat shaving off the hair will make it grow faster as well as thick.

Answer #3

yes it does. after time, your hair begins to split at the ends (especially if your using irons on it) when ur hair splits, it soon spreads up the hair shaft and makes it weak. after time, the weak hair begins to snap off so you have small white dots at the end where its snapped. if you have your split ends cut off before it snaps, your hair will grow faster

Answer #4

yes i trim mine and so does my friends and our hair grows faster then just leaving it.

Answer #5

Yess! I do it wheneverr I want to grow my hair orr…When I get a new hair style I’ll cut it about 2 inches than what its usally at soo it cuts off all the dead-ends & Split ends:)

Answer #6

Yes, like I said in another page. You should just trim it, giving you self a massage, and not tighteningso much.

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