is it true that cutting and trimming your hair makes it grow faster?

i was wondering because i recently got my hair cut from my waist to the base of my neck and i kindof want to go shorter and my mom sais i might need to anyways cuz my hair is damaged from putting clip on bows in it and clips and my ends are quite split. my mom said that when ur ends are split your hair takes longer to grow but if u get all the dead/split ends off that it will grow faster if u dont add heat or clips and dont color it and stuff like that. and if its true how long will i have to waite for my hair to grow back not longer and healthier again?

Answer #1

No it just makes your hair healthier. It wont make your hair griw any faster though.

Answer #2

Yes it’s true. My hair is proof of that. Hair usually grows about one and a half inch per month. In a year it grows usually to about 6 inches but I think it all depends on how healthy your hair is

Answer #3

mm ok thanx :)

Answer #4

Yeah that has nothing to do with the trimming, that just has to do with genetics.

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Answer #6

“about one and a half inch per month.” You mean 1/2 inch per month? Hair grows about a half an inch per month, or about 6 inches per year. Also, I agree with Mackenzie. Trimming it doesn’t make your hair grow longer or faster, it makes it healthier so that it CAN grow longer…as opposed to breaking, splitting, etc… Hair doesn’t really grow much if you have a head full of split ends, so by keeping the split ends trimmed, your hair is able to grow. Make sense?

Answer #7

yes! it makes a tone of sence:) thank u

Answer #8

No problem. :)

Answer #9

I agree with Mackenzie, and Angelee27. They are right.

Answer #10

me too:)

Answer #11

It doesn’t ‘make it grow faster’ but it gives the illusion that it’s growing faster. When you cut your hair, the ends will be healthy and less inclined to snap off. Usually the ends of your hair snap a bit before given the chance to gain length, trimming your hair will keep the ends in healthy condition so that as your hair grows, it is not snapping so it will look and feel like it’s ‘growing faster’.

Answer #12

cool i get it thanx

Answer #13

Yeah same thing. That’s basically what I said

Answer #14

Well, it makes your hair thicker which makes it look like its growing faster but really, it just is thicker.

Answer #15

It doesn’t make it grow faster, it just makes it grow. If you have split ends it almost stops growing, or it grows really slow. Trimming your ends gives you healthy hair that keeps it growing.

Answer #16

im not sure but i no that if u don’t cut ur hair 4 ages 2 try an make it grow it ends up worse because u get dead ends an then they break off an get shorter.

Answer #17

no way

Answer #18

Trimming, if you want it long you shouldn’t go against that and cut that much off…a trim ever so often is quite beneficial.

Answer #19

All my hairdressers have told me that a trim every now and then encourages it to grow. I believe this is true because I didnt have my hair cut for about a year after having it cut every other month and it didnt grow at all compared to when I used to get it trimmed often.

Answer #20

I have heard that. They have also said that if you give yourself a massage, and not tighten you hair is also good.

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