Does the hair formula 37 actually work?

Does the hair formula 37 actually work?

Answer #1

No I have tried it the best thing to do, is to have your hair in warm water, for it to grow faster. I was at the saloon and they said it will tkae longer to grow if the water is to hot, or too cold.

Answer #2

I don’t think that people that have never taken the product mentioned, like hair formula 37 should try to sway other people not to try it! Not even a hair stylists, not that I see any on here now. A hair stylist is certainly not authority on hair. Most stylist don’t even want to wash ones hair, not good anyway. I give an excuse, “would you mind rinsing my hair with cold water, please.” I say this only because they do not want to rinse my hair properly. I guess that I am sort- of picky to some people. I just like doing jobs correctly, and proudly, no matter what I am doing! I even had, an older woman too, to reply to me, “do you expect a good shampoo for only $10.00, you had that coupon; you know!” Well, yes I do expect a good shampoo, and rinse. A persons hair, and skin can get an infection from soap, you dummy! Of course, I said, “that would be nice, but no, I never expect that, not these days!”

Answer #3

I’m not sure what formula 37 is but I do know, nothing makes your hair grow quicker. You’re hair health is affected by your body’s health. If you’re eating like crap, and not exercising, or doing drugs, smoking or not getting enough vitamins, your hair will stop growing as quickly. As long as you get your hair trimmed regularly, and keep your body healthy, your hair will grow when its ready. Just keep your body healthy. And if you really want to try something, massage your scalp with essential oils (following directions on the bottle) or other hair treatments. It can help blood flow to your hair follicles, helping your hair grow slightly faster. Good luck.

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