why does my hair fall a lot when i take showers?

Answer #1

Most people lose some hair when showering, however if it is excessive hair loss, it could be an indication of a mineral/vitamin defiency. Another indication of the same deficiency is brittle nails, but not always.

Prosano ( a hair loss supplement containing folic acid amongst other things) is excellent for hair loss and to help curb it.

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Answer #3

The average hair loss a day is about 100 hairs, if it excedes that you should go to a doctor and get your thyroid checked out.

Answer #4

wats that?

Answer #5

More people experience of losing their hair. You’re not alone girl, Ive been experienced that too but when i’ve met Reloxe, My hair inow is back to normal and it really grow fast since i’ve used Reloxe.

Answer #6

Examine the hairs. If they have a root (a small, lighter bulbous bit at the end) then they have pulled out of the follicle and may or may not be replaced by a new hair. If they have no root, then the hair is broken and will grow out again. It will take time for a diet to change the nature of hair because the only growing part of a hair is at the root.

If most of the hair you see has roots, perhaps you should see a doctor as premature hair loss is indicative of other problems. If your hair is brittle, there are shampoos which will help to strengthen it and there are products for hair growth like Reloxe. I personally tried it and yeah they were right. It worked only within few months!

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