Would dying brown hair blonde make it a crazy color?

What would happen if my hair was brown and I want to dye it blonde? Would my hair be a different crazy color?

Answer #1

Do it professinaly! I died my hair blonde (i have brown hair) and it was like pure blonde! with some brown in it! I hated it! Good thing I had tennis then! The sun made it a dirty blonde so it didnt look yellow! Now I love it!

Answer #2

It wouldnt be a crazy colour but you may have to repeat the process a couple of times to get it to the desired colour. Best thing to do would be to get it done professionally that way, you save yourself all the worry.

Answer #3

well, if u dye ur brown hair blonde it can turn ginger as it fades that happened to my friend but if u use good hair dye that woudnt happen

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