how do I change my very dark brown hair to a light brown color?

Hey!! Im a natural dark brunette who first dyed my hair about 2 months ago to a lighter brown shade by a professional. I was extremely happy with my light brown hair! When my roots started showing, I decided to get my hair dyed again in the same salon using the same color as the last time…thinking that my hair would turn out the same color as before, if not a little lighter. To my dismay, the color came out light brown at my roots and a very dark brown on the rest of my hair. I think my hairstylist used a much darker shade than before. I went back in today to try to solve the problem, but my hairstylist said that i’d have to get a treatment done before I get more dye in my hair. Is this right? Could I not just use the light brown hair color I used the first time I colored my hair?! I will be attending a wedding on Sunday, so I really need to find a solution to this problem. is it a bad idea to dye hair many times in just a few days? Anyone got any tips? Thanks!

Answer #1

you do need a treatment. the treatment will get the old dye out of your hair and return it to the natural pigment, and then it will hold the new color better. if you just use a different color over the dye you have now, it’ll get even more messed up, as you’re mixing 2 different colors- it might even be darker.

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