Who is the guy that played Griffin on that one episode of iCarly called "I Date a Bad Boy"?

He also played Jesse on Hannah Montana.

Answer #1

I believe that’s Drew Roy :]

Answer #2

Drew Roy.

Answer #3

Yup, it’s Drew Roy.

Answer #4

he’s also the guitar player in “hannah montana”

Answer #5

^see discription :]

Answer #6

Drew Roy and he is smokin’!!!!! ;D

Answer #7

I know!!! He’s like unbelievably hot!!

Answer #8

Thank you guys:)

Answer #9

So sexy!!!!!Just makes me want to melt ;}

Answer #10

a peice of sexyness thats what he is

Answer #11

Jk but he is hot ;)

Answer #12

Hahaha =D

Answer #13

Any time :)

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