How can I get grease stains out of pots and pans?

Answer #1

If you mean grease is stuck on, then you need to get some washing up liquid and just put it over the grease and leave it for a few minutes. If it is really stuck, fill the pan with warm/ hot water with the washing up liquid in and leave it to soak for about an hour and then scrub it. Always make sure that when you empty the contents into a sink though, that you run the hot tap at the same time, so the grease coming out does not clog your drains.

Answer #2

My mum uses a remedy where she mixes cleaning bleach with dish soap and a touch of vinegar. It doesn’t smell the best but it cleans very well. You can also use just normal dish soap with a stainless steel scrubber or lemon juice with salt :)

Answer #3

Thanks, however it is around the rim and the handle and even on the bottom (who knows how that got there) I have tried dish washing liquid, easy off (the oven cleaner) boiling hot water and puting in on the grease and even bleach and ajax and nothing seems to be working.

Answer #4

You need to make the grease soft again for it to come off. Runa bowl of really hot water and submerge the pain. Keep adding hot water every 10 mins or so it stays hot and leave it for a good hour or so. Then try and scrub it as it should have melted and come away ok wth the washing liquid.

Answer #5

Get some degreaser, spray it in the pans and wait about 10 minutes, then wash

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